Best Exercises For Pregnant Women

Exercise might not really sound like something that you want to do while pregnant, but don’t underestimate the importance of regular physical activity during your pregnancy and beyond. Especially if you are feeling bad during your pregnancy, exercise can really help you to feel better. Regular exercise can even help to give you more energy during those exhausting first few months of pregnancy, and can even help to ease morning sickness. Plus, staying in good physical shape during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for both yourself and your baby. It might seem daunting at first, but once you get into a regular exercise routine during your pregnancy, you will really thank yourself. Read on for some of the best things you can do to help keep yourself in good shape during your pregnancy, and beyond!


Probably the easiest and most basic type of exercise out there, walking is great for both beginners and fitness gurus alike. Get outside and get walking! It really doesn’t matter if you walk 20 minutes or 20 miles, just get moving. Increase your energy, burn fat, reduce stress and clear your head with a short (or long!) walk a couple times per day. You really will be glad you did! Get out and go for a walk, it can even be a great way to spend family time, or to connect with a friend.


Swimming is a great exercise for pregnant women. It can help with weight loss, stress relief, flexibility and more. While you might not feel like slipping into a bathing suit during your pregnancy, doctors and experts all agree that swimming is a super fantastic exercise for pregnant women to partake in, so get suited up and swim today! Swimming is great because the water helps to support weight during pregnancy, so that can really help, especially during the third trimester.


Yoga is a wonderful exercise for pregnant women. It can help with flexibility, strength, weight loss and especially with stress relief and clearing your head, which is great during pregnancy. You can do yoga for pain relief as well, if pregnancy is causing you to feel badly. There are even tons of different special yoga classes designed specifically for pregnant women. Search one up today and get started on getting both your head and your body in check! Yoga is so beneficial in so many different ways, so please give it a shot!

Weight Training

While it might not be something that comes to mind first when you think about working out during pregnancy, weight training can actually be extremely beneficial for pregnant women. It’s actually totally safe, as long as you check with your doctor first. Most women find that they are surprised by how good they actually feel while doing weight training during pregnancy. Most women choose to use a lower weight and do more reps during their pregnancy, but your trainer can help you decide on the perfect plan for you, one that fits your goals, your lifestyle and your needs as a pregnant woman.

Remember This

It is important to keep a few things in mind, however, when it comes to working out during pregnancy. Obviously, staying hydrated is going to be of the utmost importance, and taking it nice and slow is your best bet. Start off slowly, don’t forget to stretch both before and after, and make sure to listen to your body. When your body tells you it’s time for a break or to slow down, don’t take it lightly. Give yourself plenty of time to get used to an exercise routine and you will sure be glad you did. Please make sure not to push yourself into anything that is painful or uncomfortable for you, and keep your eye on the prize: a healthy pregnancy, healthy mom, and healthy baby!

Talk To Your Doctor

If, at any time during your pregnancy, you have concerns or questions about your exercise routine, your health, or your overall fitness as a whole, please don’t hesitate to contact your doctor. Your doctor can help you to develop a healthy, realistic fitness plan based on your life and your goals. You do not need to compare yourself to other women and follow what they did during their own pregnancies, you only need to do what is right for you. Keep this in mind as you develop an exercise plan, and this will help you in your journey. Best wishes and best of luck on staying fit and healthy during your pregnancy.

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